Solve a murder in a near future world by diving into the Wikipedia of that world


A world at your fingertips

Have you ever lost yourself in a Wikipedia rabbit hole? Imagine doing that for the Wikipedia of the year 2049. This is Neurocracy, an interactive narrative experience that offers an anthology of compelling sci-fi stories inside and between the hyperlinked articles of an online encyclopedia. It is both a single-player alternate reality game and an epistolary hypertext novel, opening with a high-profile assassination that you must investigate and solve.

A world that builds over time

The story of Neurocracy is episodic and unfolds across ten consecutive days in the year 2049. Each episode represents a snapshot of a single day, with new articles uploaded (and existing ones updated) to simulate bouts of frantic editing that reflect the global fallout of the assassination. Each article offers a unique narrative thread to follow, detailing a person, organisation, technology, or event relevant to the story and themes of Neurocracy. You can even click Random article and dive in that way.

A world as realistic as it gets

In addition to the sense of realism conferred by the Wikipedia format, Neurocracy uses accurate science and plausible sociopolitics to craft the world of 2049, which exists at the intersection of surveillance capitalism, consumer-grade neurotech, and biosecurity. To build that world on top of our own, Neurocracy extrapolates the science behind artificial neural networks, implanted neural devices, and neurodegenerative prion diseases.

A world coming to your browser

Playing out entirely on a website with no download required, Neurocracy invites you to go it alone or join forces with others to piece together what has happened, and what is happening, in the world of 2049. Using the narrative power of your imagination, chase implications and interpretations by reading between the lines and arranging a story from a deeper pool of potential stories. Find clues, draw connections, compare notes, and ultimately solve a murder.


Neurocracy is out now! Visit Omnipedia to access the first episode. To unlock the full experience, buy the season pass.

Neurocracy is a project by writer Joannes Truyens and designer/developer Matei Stanca, working under the Playthroughline label. We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the final stage of development, allowing us to bring in additional writers and designers to enrich the world of Neurocracy with new voices and craft its audiovisual elements.

If you want to get involved with Neurocracy’s development, you can! The best way to do that is by joining our Discord server, where you can meet and interact with Neurocracy’s creators, get behind-the-scenes information and updates on its development, and help shape the world of 2049.

You can also follow us on Twitter and on our blog to stay up-to-date on Neurocracy and its development.